TestimonialsHaving extremely ticklish feet I was apprehensive about having Reflexology but needed an outlet to help with my stress levels, I was recommended to have reflexology.
Gemma was very understanding and put me at ease very quickly and I have enjoyed my sessions and have continued to go on a monthly basis and now look forward to the next session.
I would recommend Gemma to anyone who needs to sort out their stress levels.
Female (50’s), North Somerset

I had been struggling with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for a few years before I met Gemma, but she made me feel so at ease. I told her about all the issues I had been having and she worked out a plan for me and focused on my problem areas.
I always feel comfortable with Gemma and enjoy my sessions with her. I am feeling 100% better with my IBS and feel that regular sessions with Gemma have really helped me to improve. She has also given me lots of helpful hints and tips outside of our sessions on foods and drinks that will help me.
Initially, I went to see Gemma every week to get years of IBS out of my system and as time has gone on, I now see her every 3 to 4 weeks for what I like to call a booster session. Sometimes if I have a really stressful week, I can just ring Gemma and she’ll come to my rescue.
Would definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling with IBS or similar or for anyone that just needs to relax!
Female (20’s), North Somerset

I’ve been seeing Gemma for little over 1 year now.
As I’m skeptical on most alternative medicines, but with the stress levels high and dealing with depression, I was willing to try anything as I didn’t want to go back to using medication.
I contacted Gemma and this is where my journey and my mind has been changed.
I have been able to say she is extremely professional and confidential at all times.
As I can not stress enough how much better my out look on life and stress levels have improved due to the wonderful work Gemma does.
Thank you for all your support.
Female (30’s), North Somerset

Ever since I have been going for treatment with Gemma I have had more confidence in my own health and wellbeing. She is genuine in her approach and is always interested in how you are and the impact of the previous session. I have a long term condition and I feel she is as interested in my progress with my hospital visits as my family are. She has really listened to me in consultations and adapted treatment to the current situation. I had a recent treatment when she focused on stress reduction and I feel it really helped with the very busy month at work that ensued. I have been seeing Gemma for about a year now and feel it has been a good investment in my wellbeing.
Female (50’s), North Somerset

I started seeing Gemma over 3 years ago in a bid to do whatever I could to help relax in an attempt to conceive. 3 years and a baby later I still make my monthly appointment with Gemma an absolute ‘must do’ in my diary. Juggling a busy family life with working leaves very little ‘me time’, a reflexology treatment with Gemma for me is heavenly, complete relaxation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma to anyone, she really is fantastic at what she does.
Female (40’s), North Somerset

Most of my day is spent hunched over a computer so tend to get a little tense around the back & shoulders. I try to visit Gemma at least once a month as I always feel more relaxed after a treatment.
Male (40’s), North Somerset

I try to fit in at least one session with Gemma every time I visit my daughter, who is also a client. I have been to several other reflexologists but consider Gemma to be the best. Her consultation room is an oasis of calm and her firm but gentle touch soon detects and deals with any problems I may have. I often arrive weighed down with stress and always leave feeling 100% better.
Female (60’s), France